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How hard is it to get your site to the top of the search engines?
It all depends on the search terms that your competing for and the quality of your site optimization.

The main values that search engines look for in a site:
Quality Content:
Often webmasters alter their site's content to such an extreme that some search engines view the content as negative.
It's important to have content that will be of interest to your audience.


Today search engines are intelligent enough to recognize hidden keywords/text and other cloaking techniques. Some SEO's are sadly still so far behind the times that they still practice such techniques. Sometimes such techniques can work, at least for a short period of time. Many sites can shoot to the top for a few weeks, until the search engines collect enough data to realize that the site is using illegal marketing strategies. At this point the site is usually removed or encounters a penalty.
Such poor SEO strategies are used by many corrupt SEO companies. They get results for their clients, get paid, then the next thing their clients know they are penalized. "Traffic Power" is a well known company for using such techniques.
Quality Of Links:
Building links to your site is one of the most valued and time consuming part of obtaining good search engine placement.
It is vital when making link trades that links are only made with well structured sites.

Many SEO companies try to churn out as many mass link exchanges as possible. This in turn can do more harm than good.
If the sites linking to yours aren't relevant, don't have similar content, or good optimization, it will not score many points on the search engines scorecards. If, like many SEO strategies, there is also a link on your site reciprocating theirs, this could easily score against you for many reasons:

If the content isn't similar it will dilute the genre of your site (as well as theirs). The search engines will look at the link exchange as a simple way to build "link popularity" and not a genuine reference.

The position of your links on other sites.

The reason links score such important points in the search engines is because they are looked upon as a reference. Site A should be pointing at site B because site A thinks that site B holds resourceful value to site A traffic.

Link Location

The easier it is for traffic to get to your link will certainly make a difference in the value it holds.
If the link pointing to your site is far from their homepage or doesn't receive much or any traffic, it won't be highly valued by the search engines. This is simply because the chance of a reference is too low. The same goes when there are many links on a page. This will also lower the reference possibility.

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