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Las Vegas SEO Specialist Testimonials

Subject  Your Low Cost Lending Links 
Date  13-Mar-2006 
Message Body

Dear Gavin:
We want to write large commission checks to you, and with one of the highest paying affiliate programs for financial services; we know that your marketing savvy and expertise will make it a win-win situation for your customers!
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you to help you earn more with LowCostLending/LoanWeb.

Danette Lee
Affiliate Manager
(800) 410-1955 x157

From  Loan-Till-Payday
Subject  Loan Till Payday - Thank you 
Date  11-Aug-2004 
Message Body 

Your site has been identified as one of Loan Till Payday's top publishers! Thank you for doing such a great job and providing us with so many leads. I would like to speak to you to get more details on how you are promoting Loan Till Payday and to see if you need anything from us (different ad sizes, placement suggestions, conversion rate info, etc).
We value our relationship with you and I hope to speak with you soon to further improve the program. We're currently developing a bonus structure for the best performing sites and I would love to see you rewarded. Please let me know what day and times work best for you.

From  Quik Payday
Subject  Quik Payday 
Date  28-Jun-2004 
Message Body

Greetings! My name is Andy Morgan and I wanted to drop you a line to see what Quik Payday would need to do to become listed on your payday loan page at Currently, you are set at $12 per sale. I'd be more than willing to shoot that up to $20 per sale for inclusion on your page.
Right now we're approving 90% of traffic from our CJ affiliates and we're looking to double in size. We'd like to bring you on board as a long-term partner.
Let me know your thoughts.
Andy Morgan
Marketing Manager, Quik 

From  Quik Payday
Subject  CJU 
Date  30-Aug-2004 
Message Body

Greetings! This message is twofold in nature: First, to extend Quik Payday’s sincere congratulations for your ongoing success as one of our Top Performing affiliates. Last, to discover whether or not you plan to attend this year’s Commission Junction University in Santa Barbara, California, September 19-21st. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Andy Morgan
Marketing Manager, Quik


Subject  Bonus from InsureMe 
Date  29-Oct-2004 
Message Body

Dear Gavin,
I hope this message finds you doing well.
You may have noticed an additional transaction has appeared in your account from InsureMe during the past two days. Well, you earned it! This bonus was calculated using your September insurance lead traffic volume and overall profitability. I hope to grow this into a monthly practice. My goal is to build our relationship into a mutually beneficial partnership.
Thank you for the time and effort you give to InsureMe!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions about our service or program.
Kind regards,
Jack Boulant
Affiliate Manager, InsureMe
800-467-8736 ext 6185
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