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Search Engine Optimization Tools On The Web...
If you're not planning to attempt any SEO yourself you still might find it worthwhile to at least learn the basics. This way you will understand what is being done to your site if you decide to hire an SEO specialist or SEO company.

Below I will go though with you some of the free basic SEO tools the internet has to offer.
Using these tools will help you understand if it is worth the time and money to get your site optimized for the search terms you are aiming for.

Wordtracker (wordtracker.com)

Wordtracker records search data across the internet. They offer a free trial and their web browser contained software will enable you to see how many searches are made per day for the keywords you are interested in.

Wordtracker is where you need to visit first to realize the demand for your specific market.
For example, if you were running an employment site, you would be interested in the keyword "employment". You would enter "employment" into the search term box and hit enter.
Daily search result numbers are then retrieved.
You can expect Wordtracker to show about 5000 searches per day for the term "employment". This is a relatively large amount of searches in a very competitive field. You would need a large budget to top the search engines and it would also take a lot of time.
If, however your market was more specific, your targeted keywords would also be more specific.

If you were competing for a more specific term, i.e. "Las Vegas Employment", you could expect Wordtracker to show about 200 searches per day. 200 searches per day could be considered as low, but if your site specialized in employment in the Las Vegas area, the traffic you would receive being at the top of the search engine would be very high quality. The position at the top would also be much easier to obtain.

Overture Keyword Tool (keyword tool)

Overture, like Word Tracker, records search data. Unlike Word Tracker it only measures search queries made within Overture on a past monthly basis (so the search count is bigger).

Google Toolbar (

The Google toolbar is an essential tool to every SEO/webmaster.
The toolbar has many assets that make surfing the web a better experience such as: popup blocker, spell checker, auto form filling software and more.
The main aspect that SEOs look at is the Page Rank feature (PR). This is how Google ranks the importance of a site. 0 is the lowest while 10 is the highest.

Alexa (
Alexa Web Search)

Alexa holds a good account of site stats which are conveniently integrated into search results powered by Google.
Stats and facts you can find on Alexa: traffic rank, site speed, page views and much more.

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