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Why Is My Site Not In Google?
Providing you have at least 1 link from a site with page rank, you should be able to find your site somewhere.
The only problem is, no one else will unless it is ranked high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
If your site is new, then you will find yourself in the "Sandbox".
The Sandbox is not fun place to play . It's a probation period used by Google.
No matter what many SEO companies might promise your site will be held back in Google for at least 3 months, there is no getting around it .
There are many possible reasons why Google may have chosen to add the sandbox affect to its algorithms:

1. To Prevent Spamy Sites:
For many years it was easy for a webmaster to build a brand new site and deviously inflate link popularity to gain high ranking.

Sandbox Solution: What with it taking so long to get into the SERPs, it's no longer a winning solution to produce spam.

2. To Prevent Link Purchasing:
Purchasing link space on well-ranked sites was very popular. A high quality one way relative link could immediately boost new sites and give good page rank in no time.

Sandbox Solution:
What with buying text links being so expensive, many webmasters will quit paying the monthly charge if there is no evidence of any results.

3. Expired Domains:

It's thought that many webmasters purchase expired domains in order to gain unearned page rank and link popularity.

Sandbox Solution:
If a site domain has been inactive for a relatively long period of time it will be placed in the sandbox as if it was a new site in order to prevent a free ride.


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