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Hi Gavin.
My name is Gabor and we do Digital Photography in Las
Vegas I would be interested to market our company, but I`m a little bit stuck
with how to get clients since most of our business comes from all over
because of conventions are coming from different cities,so yellow pages
would do me no good.Would you give me a call at 702 303 3868 to see what
could be done on this matter.
Thank you



I have reviewed your site and
competition. From what I can tell from your business, the search term
that would bring you the best quality of traffic would be: "las vegas event
photographer" (about 300 searches a month). However no one knows your
clientele better than you. To get an idea of what you would like to be number
one in the search engines for, please have a look at: The Keyword Selector Tool: http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/
This page will help give you an idea of what you
want to target. Putting your site in the number one spot for "las vegas
event photographer" in all the search engines really wouldn't be difficult
(although Google would take a bit more time). It would also be at the top for
all other related searches. What I would have to
I would need to optimize your site (only
slightly). Build a quality array of Las Vegas & photography related
links to your site. Please let me know what other searches you
might be aiming for before I give you a
quote. Thanks, Gavin

Hi Gavin
I Appreciate getting back to me. U know I think U are the
best to decide what I need so I leave it to you what you need to do. The searches
should be:
Instant photo, digital photography, pictures in
minutes, photo marketing, event photo, eventphoto, reunion photo, fraternity
photo, wedding photo, corporate photo, high school photoset if you have any
questions please call me and let me know Gabor 702 303-evnt(3868)


Is was a pleasure talking to you the other day. Your business is based in Las Vegas. But these terms are very broad. If you add the term Vegas to these search queries there is virtually no traffic.
Your business model is very specific. Im sorry but I don't think you will benefit from an SEO service.
You may wish to try Google Adwords as there will be no competition.




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