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Whatever your market is, whatever you're promoting, I'm eager to show you how to achieve marketing success online.
So many online businesses jump straight into promoting their website business, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to only later realize that they missed an important detail.
This can be a great loss of time and money

There are many factors to consider when promoting your business website.

Internet Marketing Consultant

How big is the market for your business online? Is it even worth building, or paying to promote your site?

  How should your marketing campaign be approached? Organically, PPC or both?
How should you target your audience?
How much expense should be put into your internet marketing?

Search Engine Optimization Consultant

If you want to take advantage of the number 1 source of online traffic, then your site will need to be optimized for the search engines.
SEO factors you will want to consider for your online business:

How does SEO work?
How strong is your competition?
How long will it take to get good quality traffic?
What strategies should be taken?
Do you really need to hire someone? Is this something you could do yourself?

If you or an SEO company uses bad strategies could your website be penalized?

Every project is different. There are many strategic ways of practicing SEO. It's most important to only use those that make the internet a better place to get information.

It would be a pleasure of mine to answer your questions, and show you how to market your site to the best of its ability.
I not only possess great internet marketing & SEO knowledge, I can also help with original ideas to add rich content to your site that will keep your potential clients interested and also gain you more traffic.

Your place of business just $100 for the first 45 minutes and $40 an hour there after.

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