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It’s important to have quality content on your site, and for content to be added on a regular basis. Search engines regularly spider sites that add new informative pages.  As a site owner, there are many tasks at hand and writing quality content can be very time consumingIf you have ever considered hiring a freelance writer you may have thought that the costs would out weigh the benefits.  I think when you weigh the pros and cons you will find it very cost effective.

Adding content will add more integrity to your site and gain more authority amongst your competitors within keyword search engine rankings.
  Having more content pages in relation to your main site’s subject will mean more of your pages in the search engines. When potential clients find your added “content pages” in the search engines you will not only drive more traffic to your site but also the homepage.  The Value of your site will naturally increase.

Website Content Management

Clients and customers read your web content to learn more about you and your business. Your web site is a very valuable piece of real estate and the more improvements you add, the more it’s worth.
The right web content motivates your customer to buy. My highly experienced freelance writers know how to create the content needed to make that happen!  Brief informative sentences, good headings and subheadings, bulleted lists and easy access to ask questions are what the customer wants.  My experienced freelance writers know you need features (facts about the product and why the reader needs it) and benefits (emotional appeal, i.e. how the customer’s life will change if they buy this product).
I have many resources and writers that can help your web content development.
  All to suite different levels of content and budgets.
Combing my SEO skills with my writes
skills will provide you with quality content and valuable traffic to surpass your needs.

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